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Mai Soli Foundation is constantly working to change systemic issues of gender inequality in developing countries, focusing initially in Bangladesh. 

Our aim is to level the playing field for young girls by investing in their education, creativity, and entrepreneurial potential through the help of local teams and support of our civil society organizations. 

We will be providing a hands-on education in entrepreneurship and business, as well as confidence building and leadership exercises. These areas of knowledge will address the core of why girls are often forced into child marriages, challenging the patriarchal power dynamic to set the stage for women to become leaders in their societies.



we empower our teachers by allowing them to adapt curricula to create maximum impact. while they have full license over adapting content, they are all exposed to a foundation-organized program to understand the core content prior to instruction.

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our curricula are composed by a team dedicated to developing young girls' english, creativity and entrepreneurial skills. we make sure to provide resources to build young girls' confidence and increase their overall mental health.

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we partner with female college students in the area to mentor young girls based on similar interests and aspirations. these invaluable connections allow these girls to reinvest their expertise in the women of their communities.

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by leveraging partnerships with other organizations, we are able to pool our resources to make the greatest impact. click below to see the list of our current partners. they are all long term donors that help sustain our operations

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Mai Soli Foundation has already established nearly all the necessary foundation required to launch. Leveraging the founder's pre-exisiting and and recently established relationships, Mai Soli Foundation is positioned with five schools full of young girls with potential that are willing to implement our curricula for those chosen to participate in the program. There are two local universities with over a dozen college-aged, experienced women who will serve as mentors that will reinforce instructor-lead content and be empowered to curate their own workshops. 


If you are interested in making sure #GirlsAreNeverAlone with us, and have any ideas or suggestions, click the link below.

Muhammad Yunas
Muhammad Yunus once said...
"All human beings are born entrepreneurs.
That is how we have survived on this planet, otherwise we still would have been in caves. We all worked together to change our lives, that's how we came here." 
- Nobel Peace Prize Recipient & Grameen Bank Founder
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