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At Mai Soli, our University Mentors are leading our "#NeverAlone" movement, representing Mai Soli in Bangladesh, carrying out advocacy goals, mentoring high school girls in our schools, providing on the field feedback for our strategy and energizing

Mai Soli Mentorship Program

Our Mai Soli Mentorship Program taps into the local potential. By partnering with local universities, we are able to recruit passionate, highly skilled girls to act as mentors to our Mai Soli Girls. These mentors will serve as a source of guidance to the young girls who otherwise would not be able have access to this wealth of knowledge and empowerment. One of the intergral components of the mentorship program is that they are the primary force teaching the girls our curricula. In addition, each mentor will travel to the assigned school and host creative workshops, as well as one-on-one counseling. Mai Soli believes that the best way to teach these girls is people who have had similar experiences and can relate to and can look up to. Among all skills to have in the modern world, we have deduced our most important to four very important segments: the ability to: 

  • organize resources

  • personal leadership initiative

  • the understanding and executing of leveraging opportunities

  • the capacity to create social and economic value. 

The Mentorship Program was designed to create a sustainable and consistent environment of education and empowerment. For better results, we want our mentors to directly be the ones to educate the young girls and teach them open-minded, forward thinking, so we began to expand to the local university girls. In doing so, we realized that these young women would be able to bestow first-hand knowledge onto their mentees.

We were extremely selective in choosing who would mentor the next generation of female leaders, so we had ten major qualifications for them, before they were even selected for an interview. Some of our mentor qualifications include:

  • passion and uplifting energy for women empowerment and development

  • awareness of current global social issues

  • open minded progressive mindset.   

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