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we are breaking the cycle of systematic gender inequality, day-by-day. 

The core of what Mai Soli Foundation seeks to address is the force behind the cycle you see above. Much of what holds women back is financial independence and confidence. In developing countries, many are born to families that do not prioritize their educations and self-sufficiency.

This mentality leads young girls on a path to become married to achieve prosperity. Eventually, this leads to a withdrawal from school, then marriage and inevitably a teen pregnancy, with a mother who is equally unprepared to live independent of a husband. Both a lack of material ability and knowledge of potential are to blame, and that is where Mai Soli Foundation steps in.

By exposing these girls to knowledge, resources, and mentorship, making them aware of their potential, and reinforcing their confidence, Mai Soli Foundation breaks this cycle and these girls reach self-sufficiency. The long-term goal for this program is for these girls to eventually return to the program as mentors, and pay forward their knowledge to help strengthen the next generation’s mindset, and reshape the patriarchal nature of their societies.


In order to maximize the Mai Soli Foundation's potential reach, we operate on a mentorship program, bringing in accredited mentors from local universities to educate and empower the girls.

Instead of taking the girls out of their existing educational environment and in order to access our content, we bring our programming to them. Mai Soli comes to the existing classroom settings in our partnered schools and places them through an intensive workshop, guided by the Mai Soli Foundation co-curricular program. This allows us to shortcut the searching, vetting, and maintenances associated with having our own Mai-Soli-only educators, along with transportation logistics for the girls. Keeping the girls with their existing student cohort also allows a unique access to existing relationships between instructors and students, including knowledge of student learning styles.

We select the girls displaying both potential and desire to learn our content and place them in classes with the existing teachers who have completed our workshop. The content will include hard skills such as entrepreneurial thinking, soft skills such as leadership, and will be blended and applied to create a new functional mindset for the girls. This new mindset will reframe their perspectives and allow them to see their own strength and potential. By integrating this into their personal and professional development, it creates an outlet where they can escape the expectations society has imposed upon them. Our team and resources pose a unique value, allowing us to help illuminate a pathway to success for these girls via creativity and entrepreneurship.

The framework for the curricula already exists and will be brought to life in the classroom. Mai Soli Foundation brings new content for both the students and instructors, accessing a mutual desire and drive to go beyond the textbook. This model expands at the level of teachers, then the level of schools, allowing a seamless implementation to be put into place at each school as the foundation grows.

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