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mai soli foundation is tackling gender inequality and cyclical dependency by freeing young girls to unlock their potential 

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where the problem begins

Gender inequality for South Asian women is a by-product of deeply ingrained cultural norms.

A cycle of Poverty

Babies born to young, economically dependent mothers

Lack of Female Role Models

Few examples of independent women to build on

Avoidably Early Marriage

Made to ensure economic survival through marriage

Giving Birth young

Marriage and Children Become the Only Option 

This cycle perpetuates female inequality that prevents women from reaching their full independent potential

where we come in

We break the cycle through strategic intervention. By partnering with local institutions, we can tailor our program to meet young girls where they are.


Empower and inspire girls at a younger age by building confidence and leadership skills 


Identify need gaps in local communities to provide them with relevant economic and social skills


Instill a set of attitudes, skills, and behaviors that students need to succeed academically, personally and professionally. 

how you can help us

whether you are a coffee shop, student, or fellow nonprofit, 
there is a way for you to get involved

your company can pledge to help us maintain our operations or partner with us for fundraising events

as a student, you can always join our ambassador program to spread the word

if your nonprofit is also working in the women empowerment space, join our growing civil society

meet who

inspired us

here you can get a better look at who inspired us to tackle child marriage in the first place.

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